For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows” King James Bible 1 Timothy 6:10

– For The LOVE of Money –
It’s not what you think!

The idea For The LOVE of Money seminar began percolating many years ago.  I have been in a conversation for almost 10 years to break through what I called The Last Bastion  of Spiritual Light Workers – the Money and Finances conversation of  Poverty, Scarcity and Lack.

In March of 2008, I first heard Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, founder, Self I-Dentity Through Ho’oponopono on CD speaking to an audience about Ho’oponopono, the Hawaiian Forgiveness and Release Technique.  Danny, a young man from the audience raised a question about money and Dr. Len responded: –>[audio:]

I agreed with some of his answer and began to wonder about the rest.  I cleaned (used Ho’oponopono) and cleaned.  Now and then little snippets of ideas would come to me.  I wrote them down.  As time went on “AHA” moments occurred and in December of last year, Mabel Katz, author of The Easiest Way AND Dr. Len were BOTH on the No Out There Talkshow, which I ‘brought through’ and host.  I took that opportunity to ask Dr. Len  for more clarification about what he’d said concerning the abuse of money, mother earth and women and what to do about it.  Here is his reply:  –>: [audio:]

– For The LOVE of Money –
Is a Teleseminar!

2 SENSATION-Filled 90 Minute Sessions

Some of what you’ll discover:

  • – How to get Friendly with your money
  • – What you don’t already know about your money
  • – More about the Energy of Money
  • -The FEELing place of Money
  • – The Secret Denial!
  • – and so much more


Could it be that easy?  Is that all there was to it?  Talk to my money?  Tell it, “I’m sorry”, “Please forgive me”, “Thank You” and “I Love you”?  Well, following that show, as I continued to ask that question and clean, and talk to my money and tell it “I Love You”, a bit of inspiration came to me in the form of a question.  LISTEN:   [audio:]

That was it.  The missing piece. Answer the question:  What are the ways you show your money that you love it?

Sure, I can say, “Please forgive me”, “I’m sorry””, Thank You”, and  I Love You”, to my money.  AND I DID!  And I do.  “Use Everything” is my motto.  Yet that’s REACTIVE.  I like to be PROACTIVE for example, I’ve been taking vitamins since I was 19.  I’d rather stop a thing before it starts so I practice PREVENTION.

And yes, I do those mechanical things with money, such as, keep all the bill denominations together, keep all bills facing the same way, etc.  Heck, I even keep my purse up off the floor!!!

– For The LOVE of Money –

If money is like a woman, then  #1:  Tell her the truth – except about her body – and that’s the TRUTH!!! LOL!

  • Romance her
  • Dance her
  • Treat her well
  • Make her Laugh
  • Respect her
  • Take care of her

Then I began to wonder, how would it be if I treated my money that way???


I just kept playing around with that thought.  And then I wondered, well, how would it be if I treated my money like a lover?  “Now there’s a an idea worth pondering”,  I thought.  Because when we’re in the throes of love, in the newness of it, we want to put our best foot forward.  We DO put our best foot forward.  We wine and dine.  As women, we want to be wined and dined.  Then there’s the whole ritual, that whole courtship that goes along with that.  So I began imaging, visualizing and remembering and then I got to the feeling place of it.  The FEELING place of money, because money has it’s own energy.

If you’ve been listening to the Law of Attraction you know that everything is energy and everything has its own vibration.  “And when you can match that vibration that thing that you desire or want, the object of your attention,  must come to you.” Abraham-Hicks

– For The LOVE of Money –
It’s not about the money
It’s never about the money
and neither is this course


Some of my friends have asked: What does For The LOVE of Money have to do with NO OUT THERE, ’cause you’re ‘Ms. No Out There’?  I answered, “How can it NOT be about No Out There because if I don’t have millions of dollars showing up in my space then I don’t have millions of dollars IN my space (me) such that I can project it out.”  According to No Out There,  everything that is in my environment I projected it there or attracted it there.  So I’m projecting or attracting whatever my external money situation is:  not enough, enough, substantial, comfortable, of means, well off, etc.

And since I’m always projecting, what if my perpetual state of projecting were one of LOVE???  Love that is given freely is magnetic. It is seductive,  It is sensual.   And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

So I began talking it around.  I shared For The LOVE Of Money with a couple of people and they said, “YES! You’ve got something there!”  “I can feel the energy of that!”  “You should do something with this!”  “Put a Seminar on about it.”  So I am.

– For The LOVE of Money –
It’s not that O’Jay song!



What is it you REALLY know about your money?   What’s it made out of?  Who’s on the front of each bill or coin?  What’s on the back of each bill or coin?  What do you REALLY know about it?

One of the things I used to tell my girlfriends is:  “You spend more time looking for all the accessories, i.e. blouse, belt, jewelry,  shoes, whatever to match a skirt you bought then you do checking out a man that you’re going to let into your life!!! ( I actually use another word however, this is a public message – come to the teleseminar to find out what I REALLY say!)

– For The LOVE of Money –
Tell it you love it!

You say you love your car.  You say love your house.  I say I LOVE technology.  How can you love these things and not  love the money which purchased them?

That would be similar to a mother saying she loves her child and hates the father.  How can you not love where the child came from (the father) without also not loving the child to some degree?  The father is a part of the child.  Who suffers in that scenario?  The child suffers, everyone suffers actually!  So when we relate that to money, the car suffers, the house suffers, technology suffers.  There’s a disconnect.  LISTEN to a comment from Brugh Joy, Heart Centered Teacher and author of Joy’s Way: [audio:]


T. Harv Eker, in his Millionaire Mind Intensive says:  “The way you do anything is the way you do everything.”  So I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the same way people are about money, especially in this economy.

So we go back to tell the truth without blame.  You don’t want to beat yourself up about whatever your situation is regarding your finances.  You do want to tell yourself the truth about it.  Even our President has gotten on the bandwagon of Fiscal Responsibility and being Accountable.

– For The LOVE of Money –
Once in a Lifetime Teleseminar!


Once you register you’ll receive in PDF format:

  • – The Prosperity Affirmation
  • – The Science of Getting Rich
  • – The Handouts for Session 1

– For The LOVE of Money –


One of the Energetic Attributes of Money is Decisiveness!

– For The LOVE of Money –


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