The No Out There Workshop is two days of Interactive sessions designed to reveal:

  • Who you’re angry at (with) is really YOU . . .
  • No one’s to BLAME (including You) . . .
  • Everything outside of you is a reflection of you . . .
  • Your eyes can only see what your brain knows . . .
  • There really is No Out There . . . Out There

In the  No Out There Workshop you

  • experience – in real-time – how your own mind/brain processes 24/7/365
  • locate your own thought/feeling connection centers

Within minutes during the No Out There Workshop you can dissolve issues surrounding relationships, money, career, family, etc. which may have been problematic for YEARS.

“I saw the reason people who owe me money do not pay me. I say it does not matter and then I make them wrong for not paying me back. Also I have received unexpected gifts of money since I released that thought.” N. Johnson

” I released the erroneous thoughts that Gabriel, my son, was not taking advantage of his opportunities. I realized I was projecting age old comments that had been made about me onto him. I established peace with Gabriel.” C. Hamer

No not symbolut There: a very practical and revealing workshop

No not symbolut There: utilizes inquiry, conversation(s) – one’s own and those of others, and one’s life experiences to regain ownership of one’s thoughts and feelings.

No not symbolut There includes and may result in:

  • understanding and learning how to listen to Projection Speak™
  • recognizing Fairy Tell™
  • releasing the blame and victim games
  • speaking TRUTH
  • renewed joy in being responsible and accountable for one’s life

Listen to a recent interview about No Out There –>:


“On first hearing the “no out there” distinction, I was pissed off. There was an “out there” and “they” were doing it to me. I now see that blaming others gave me a backdoor to taking responsibility for what role I played in certain situations in my life. My relationship with my family is much more peaceful and a lot more fun. Instead of pointing the finger at others, I am noticing the 3 fingers that are more accurately facing my direction more. I am laughing at myself more.”

Llenar has inquired into the “no out there” concept, embraced it in her own life for several years and inspired others to do so. As a result of taking on this idea myself, I am more peaceful, compassionate and responsible for my own life.”

“If you are ready to really look at yourself and your life, interacting in a workshop with Llenar is the thing to do. She is unyielding in her commitment to look at all angles of an issue, until the participants get the big “AHA”. Due to her dynamic and highly developed listening ability, it does not take long to get there!”  L. Warren

WARNING: The N.not symbol.T. Workshop may result in renewed power and joy in one’s life!


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LlenarLlenar Bragg: is an ordained minister, consultant, trainer, teacher and educator with 20+ years experience working with individuals and groups, both nationally and internationally. Her workshops/trainings have ranged in content from vision and mission statement creation; team building, leadership, change management, self-esteem and empowerment of teachers and students and computer programming.


Llenar has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish. She is a Senior Facilitator of the International Black Summit, a Life Skills Coach, a certified “Why . . .” teacher, and a State of Illinois substitute teacher. She is also a recipient of the Chicago Urban League Excellence Award.

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