Your goals : Have you achieved them or are you disappointed you haven't been as successful as you hoped?

Your goals : Have you achieved them or are you disappointed you haven’t been as successful as you hoped? 

By Dennis Fisher

It make no difference whether you earn your living from your business, your professional career, your involvement in the entertainment field, from your sporting  activities or in any other way, setting  definite goals for yourself is an important factor in success.

 As an ambitious person, when you started the work you are doing now, you must have set certain personal  goals you hoped to achieve.  It’s also possible you gave yourself a certain time limit
in which to achieve these goals.  

Have you managed to achieve all these goals?  Or are you disappointed you haven’t been as successful as you hoped you would be?  Have you resigned yourself to the fact that you’ve failed to achieve these goals and given up hope that one day you may still  able to achieve them?

If you haven’t achieved the success you wanted, it’s a  very good idea  to read the biographies of famous personalities who achieved exceptional success in their careers and made a great deal of money in the process.

Not only will you find it very interesting and informative, you’ll also learn a great deal that could help you still achieve your goals.

There’s a lot to be learnt from finding out more about the lives of successful people who achieved fame and distinction in  areas such business, sport, music, entertainment, writing and other fields.

You’ll find it fascinating to discover how they were able to achieve success in spite of having to deal with a huge amount of competition.


 If you are involved in business of any kind, you’ll learn a lot from reading  biographies of successful people  like Richard Branson who started the Virgin group of companies; Alan Sugar who began life selling aerials from his car and ended up as the founder of Amstrad; Sam Walton of Walmark,                 Jeff Bezos of Amazon, whose face has appeared on the cover of  Fortune and  Time Magazine and achieved  the honor of being featured as Time’s Man of the year.

Read how Calvin Klein achieved success and became a household name in designer sportswear by  making use of  creative, sometimes audacious advertising campaigns.  Learn how Michael Dell of Dell Computer, Oprah Winfrey, Martha Stewart, set ambitious goals for themselves which they managed to achieve.

Find out more about a lesser known, but highly successful  Chinese entrepreneur  Li Ning, the winner of three gymnastic gold medals; how he decided to go into business and started a sporting goods empire. Read how Mike Parsons, started  a medical insurance company,  Barchester Healthcare, that against the advice of many,  proved to be remarkably successful in  proving  insurance for elderly people.   


It’s also important to read about people who made their mark in other areas bedsides business. Find out more about sport stars who achieved success in their field and earned fortunes.

 You’ll find the autobiography Andre Aggasi, entitled “Open”, absolutely fascinating and you’ll be unable to put the book down. Learn a great deal from this intriguing book,  not only about setting  goals in your own field, but also about coping with disappointment in life.

Whether  you are interested in golf or not, the biographies of golf personalities like Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player, provide dramatic examples of the importance of setting  goals in life.


When you read  about famous people, who achieved success in a variety of different careers,  you’ll discover some interesting facts.   Although they operated in such a wide range of different field, these successful people all had a number of things in common. 

One feature common to all of them was that they all set very ambitious goals for themselves when they started their careers.  They focused on these goals, and never lost sight of them throughout their careers. 

This is something that won’t surprise you, because it’s also what you have done.    But what you will find very interesting is the fact that most of these successful people made use of very unusual, non -conformist methods to achieve their goals.


When you read their biographies carefully you’ll discover that many of these successful people used unconventional, original methods that were completely different to those used by others.  They were creative, imaginative and innovative in the way they approached problems.  They had the courage to be different – and it worked for them!

There’s an important lesson to be learnt from these successful individuals.

When you examine, very carefully and as objectively as you can, the methods you’ve been using  yourself in your own career, you may be struck by the fact there’s been nothing unique or distinctive about them.   The conventional path along which you have been traveling has quite likely been the same as that of  hundreds of your competitors and rivals.

Perhaps this explains why, in spite of your persistence, your hard work and your dedication, you haven’t been as successful in your career as you hoped you would be,

To achieve success and stand out from the crowd, you have to be more original, more distinctive; more innovative and creative in your thinking than others. This applies to whatever field you happen to be involved in. 

It applies to every aspect of business, manufacturing, marketing; every form of artistic expression, creative writing, music, theatre, sport.  In fact every field in which people strives to achieve excellence and be rewarded for their achievements.

To achieve the ambitious goals you have set for yourself, it may be necessary for you to change direction and follow a far more creative, original path.


By using your creative imagination to devise innovative, resourceful, new ideas.   Yourcreative imagination is  a vital, untapped source of power buried in your subconscious. There are highly effective ways it can be nurtured and developed.

Creative imagination is not an inherited natural gift that only a gifted few are fortunate to possess. It’s a skill that can be nurtured and developed.  Visit the following site where you’ll find a great deal of valuable information about creativity and how it can be acquired.




About the Author:
Dennis Fisher is managing director of a investment and financial company.  Although his post-graduate education has been involved mainly in the field of business, he nevertheless found time in his University career to concentrate on various schools of psychology with special emphasis on creativity and creative thinking and he has published a number of books on this subject.
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