Ways reduce stress- Why manage stress?

Ways reduce stress
We all know that stress causes wear and tear on your body
Why Manage Stress? 
Stress affects most of the basic functions of living, including sleep, memory, managing pain, sexual activity and getting proper nourishment.
Chronic Stress also can cause othr health probems such as depression, upper respiratory infections, coronary artery disease, poor wound healing and many others.

Alot of stress and unhappiness occurs simply because of nerves and bad nerves are the result of having nothing to do or doing things badly, incompetently or unsuccessfully.  If you look at most really unhappy people, they are usually someone who has not found something they want to do with their life or they lack the motivation to get out and do what they really want to do.  Fact:  Busy people who are enjoying what they are doing in life and work hard and enjoy their time with friends and family do not have time to be unhappy.

True happiness comes to those who enjoy their work and do it well followed by relaxing and refreshing periods of rest.

Ways reduce stress-  The best way to reduce stress is to motivate yourself, set goals and work hard.  Add self-discipline and you will go even further.  I think this is very essential.  Most successful people that I know work hard, play hard, set goals and laugh.  Note:  Laughter is a huge part of inner happiness.  Laughter is known to be a great medicine

Self discipline is a huge factor in this.  Discipline means choices.  Every time you say yes to a goal or objective, you say no to others.

We live in a society that worships comfort, ease, pleasure, material items and instant gratification.

Real success requires hard work.  It’s called self discipline and it is the principle of delayed gratification.  Hard work reaps rewards.

Time is life.  It is irreversible and irreplaceable.  To waste your time is to waste your life.

For motivational thoughts and to read my own personal struggle to finding balance and serenity in my own life

Ways reduce stress


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