Understanding Higher and Lower Emotions

Every emotion you have is designed for a specific purpose. For example, guilt is just meant as a tap on the shoulder letting you know that the way you reacted, or whatever you may have done probably isn’t in the highest interest for yourself and others around you. There are those who may lay “guilt trips” on you, but that is merely that particular person’s reaction which does not have to affect you. That is another topic in and of itself, this article is merely discussing your own emotions are useful depending upon the circumstances. Your perceptions make all the difference. Instead of beating yourself up or dwelling on your guilt, see what it is trying to teach you or reveal to you.

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Take anxiety, for instance. It is meant to make you more aware of possible danger around you. It heightens your awareness of your surroundings and motivates you to take appropriate action. Left unchecked, however, it can turn into panic. The point is to graciously accept any emotions you experience and appreciate them for what they are, merely signals to get your attention about something.

Hope is one of those tricky emotions that deserves a category different from the “lower” emotions. We all hope for things in our lives which is a necessary ingredient in order to motivate us, but it eventually must be let go of and replaced with trust. Hope can keep us stagnant, whereas trust can move us forward. You basically set your intentions in motion, and trust that the Universe will guide you and bring you to where you desire to be or what you desire to happen. It is when you do this that things you once “hoped” for will manifest quicker for you. And even if you don’t get what you hoped for, you have the trust that everything is where it’s supposed to be and unfolding how it is unfolding. You realize that everything is well as it is. The high level of trust where your sense of peace and calm is not shaken, even in the face of apparent calamity, is truly a place of masters. It is something that can be achieved by each and every one of us little by little. Just let go and leave the details in the hands of the Universe.

To expand on this, once the goal of developing that unshakable peace and love within is reached, you will still experience the “lower” emotions from time to time. They will just be that much easier to go through, and you will even experience peace while having these emotions. You will appreciate them for what they are and will fully appreciate their PURPOSE. You will see the beauty of it all.

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