Reach Success by Using This Method Where You Look Inside to Find the Answer to Any Question You Have

This article will present an, in my experience, very effective way to find the answers to things — a method where you simply state the question, and — literally — let go completely and by doing so get the answer to the question. I wish you good luck in using the method, and hope that it helps you reach success!

Do you often search the answers for things, and do so in a very pro-active way? That might sound like a good idea – but, in my experience, all the answers you need are already inside of yourself — making all you need to do, to get the answer, letting the answer come to you – meaning not stop yourself from seeing the answer. Now the question might pop up, “why the hell would I keep the answers from myself?”, and it is understandable that the question rises… I think the answer is that sometimes the answer is not the one we would like it to be — for whatever reason — why we pretend to not know the answer… it simply hurts too much. I have found, from my own experience, that sometimes this answer is something I keep from myself for an extended period of time — probably years….And the reason, I do this, is because the answer is potentially completely identity-destroying.

So, how do you let the answer come to you? You just let it come. You ask a question and relax – and eventually, if you truly let go of finding the answer, it will come to you. This might sound counter-intuitive – but that is something you will have to live with if you wish to reap the rewards of this. So, what you do, very practically: find out something that you would like the answer to — anything — and then simply ask the question, and after that do everything that relaxes you; breathe deeply, make slow movements or whatever you can think of that will make you relax.

I hope that what I wrote here is a method you use to great success — if you do use it, I would like to hear whether you used it exactly the way it is outlined here, or if you did any modifications – and, if you did modify it, what your modifications consisted of and the results you got after making them. I am all ears! I hope you reach success using this method.

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