JULY Line-up of Featured Guests on NØT@NIGHT

I am excited to present the line-up of Featured Guests on NØT@NIGHT for the month of July. These are authors whose works I LOVE for what I have received from them! Their stuff WORKS and they ROCK!
So please join me on at least ONE Wednesday evening at 8pm CST during the month of July at www.no-out-there.com/talkshow or call in and comment or ask questions – at 1-646-716-9798.
Happy Independence,

July 2nd – Joyce Morris – The 8 Words that WILL change your life!
Joyce Morris is the author of 2 e-books:
An Autobiography of God (download the 1st 3 chapters FREE) and
How To Create Gold (download the 1st chapter FREE).
Raised by a blind father who lost his sight when she was seven Joyce had to CONSCIOUSLY learn to speak and listen a new way. In order to communicate her visual world to her no-longer-visual father she had to begin “talking and listening in pictures.”
That way of communicating led to a discovery she shares in the 55-minute FREE audio download entitled: The 8 Magic Words
July 9th – Follow-up with Al Diaz and The Titus Concept Mirror Work
On Wednesday, July 9th at 8pm CST No Out There and host Llenar will follow-up with Al Diaz discussing his new book: BEING THE TITUS CONCEPT and his earlier book, The Titus Concept: Money for My Best and Highest Good.
On the May 14th show, Al suggested listeners do the following: For the next 30 days (ending 6/12/08) Mirror work: Look into the pupils of your eyes, and say, “I honor who you are and what you are.” 3 times, then tell yourself, “I love you unconditionally.” 3 times. Then go to bed. In the morning while you’re still groggy – go to mirror and repeat the process. At the time, I wasn’t aware Al was giving away a preview of the 1st chapter of his new book to me and No Out There listeners.
Well, I took on the challenge and will be reporting the results of my mirror work!!!
July 16th – TBD
Have a suggestion? E-mail me at talkshow@no-out-there.com
July 23rd – Robert Lee Camp and The Cards of Your Destiny
Robert Camp is an author, teacher and master astrologer. In 1988 Robert discovered the Book of Destiny system, an ancient and secret method of determining people’s personal destinies. Since then he has written ten books that reveal the secrets of this ancient science to the public, the most notable of these, Cards of Your Destiny and Love Cards have become very popular.
Through his work, Robert hopes to raise the conscious awareness of people around the world using the tools of Astrology and Numerology.
I have found Robert’s book to be very accurate and EASY to reference. He’s ready to answer your questions – CALL IN – 1-646-716-9798
July 30th – MABEL KATZ and The Easiest Way (Ho’oponopono)
Mabel Katz author, speaker, consultant, coach & TV Host practices what she preaches, so her information is based on experience. Her book, The Easiest Way is a practical guide for applying spiritual principles to get past blocks to having what you want in your life.
The book is based on Ho’oponopono, an ancient Practice of Forgiveness from the Hawaiian culture, its premise is that life is easy, we are the ones making it difficult, and we can learn to stop getting in our own way.
If you enjoyed Malcolm Fraser – you’re gonna’ LOVE Mabel!

Call-in at 1-646-716-9798 and SHARE and ASK Questions.
Wednesday’s at 8pm CST.
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