Joyce Morris author of How To Create GOLD and 8 Magic Words

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On July 2nd Joyce Morris and I discussed The 8 Words that WILL change your life, and her e-books, An Autobiography of God and How To Create Gold.

An Autobiography of God (download the 1st 3 chapters FREE) is about an amazing transformational journey. It begins with Joyce’s story and leads into a new perspective of the human experience – an understanding of the new paradigm of Self as Creator. In An Autobiography of God you will learn the basics of how to find and operate the God-control panel in your mind. The book includes an appendix that is packed full of activities designed to help you develop mastery of your already active but unconscious creator mind.
I couldn’t put it down!

How To Create Gold (download the 1st chapter FREE) is a guide designed to help you install the ‘gold’ paradigm and delete the paradigm of lack and scarcity. It contains very clear actions steps to make that transition. This guide will have you change your mind activity. “This book gives you the critical pieces that keep 95% of students out of their dreams.” It includes “the same or similar steps taught by pricey coaches throughout the country – and a whole lot more.”

Raised by a blind father who lost his sight when she was seven Joyce had to CONSCIOUSLY learn to speak and listen a new way. In order to communicate her visual world to her no-longer-visual father she had to begin “talking and listening in pictures.” That way of communicating led to a discovery she shares in the 55-minute FREE audio download entitled: The 8 Magic Words

Wednesday, July 2nd

8pm CST

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