How to make people listen to you?

How to make people listen to you?

Do you want people to listen and pay attention to what you say? Do you get frustrated when you talk and no one is interested in what you say?

You probably spend a lot of time interacting and talking with your colleagues, friends, and family every day. Yet, it happens so often that you will be saying something and the people you are having a conversation with are not listening to what you are trying to say, which usually frustrates you as the speaker.

To make someone listen and pay attention to you, follow the steps below:

1. Make sure your message is clear

If your message is not clear, your audience or people who are listening to you might leave. If your message is not clear, then your audience might misunderstand you just like if someone asks you “What is your opinion about this subject?” without explaining what the subject is.

2. Eye contact


Studies show that one of the best way to engage people in a conversation and make them listen to you is to use eye contact. When you find someone stopped listening to you, look at him and try to engage him in the conversation once again.

3. Use the listener as an example


Let me ask you, if you hear someone mentioning your name in a conversation, what will you do? I’m sure you will be curious to know what that person is saying about you and why he is mentioning your name. Therefore, if you mention the listener’s name as an example during the conversation, that will increase the listener’s attention in what you are saying.

4. Start by mentioning a story


You probably already know that mentioning stories in conversations will attract your audience or the people you are engaging in a conversation with.

5. Rephrase your listener’s ideas

When you rephrase your listener’s ideas, that will make people interact more with you. For example, statements like “I agree with Megan” or “I like Jennifer’s idea” will make people more curious to know what those people have said.

6. Encourage others to participate

When you encourage your listeners to participate in the conversation, that will make them more interactive with what you are saying. One of the best ways you can do to encourage your listeners is by asking them questions and by asking for their feedback.


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