Concentrate on yourself

Concentrate on yourself

Dalip Singh Wasan, Advocate.

Let us accept that God is there. Let us accept that our parents are there. Let us accept that our elders are there. Let us accept that the society around us is present. And last of all we can accept that there is government in our country which is taking care of us. But once a man is grown up, he must start taking care of himself and should not depend upon others. And man has got a brain and he starts understanding himself and the people around him when is within the age group 10-16 years.

The man starts understanding that he needs proper food, proper clothing, proper place to live and he also starts understanding that he shall have to study, undergo some training, he shall have to work in life and shall have to earn. He starts understanding that one he or shall be married and then more responsibilities shall be falling on his shoulders. And when he starts understanding his life and his status in life, he must also start concentrating on himself so that he could prepare himself to face this life in all situations coming in his way.

When a person starts understanding himself, he must concentrate on his health, on his study, on his training, on the life which he shall like to live and for that purpose, he must concentrate on the work or occupation which he shall like to follow in life and in which he shall be satisfied and shall be in a position to attain efficiency and would be able to earn a name in that occupation. He must have guidance on all these points from his elders, from his teachers, from his friends and if need be he must consult experts in the line, because now there are more and more occupations in the field and we cannot understand what occupation shall be useful for us and in which occupation we shall be having job without any waiting period. We must know that there are fields in which people are already surplus and there are jobs where people are in short supply. Since we are not in a position to wait, we must try to have our place where people are in short supply and all these things are for us and we must concentrate on ourselves and must see that we are not wasting time and are on the right occupation within a reasonable time. We are to establish, become an earning hand, then we have to marry and for that purse, we shall have to choose a right life partner, then we shall have to establish a house of our own where we shall be in a position to establish our family and shall have to see that all the members of the family are well maintained and they are allowed to have all opportunities to grow because they too have a right to grow like us. These are the points which are for our consideration and when we are concentrating on ourselves, only then we shall be in a position to adopt a right way in life.

Only we know our problems. If we are short of money, we know, and if we are desiring some desire to be fulfilled, only we know and there could be situations when we are not in a mood to share our desires with others. Therefore, we must say that we are selfish and therefore, we must try to know ourselves and we must try to fulfill our desires and if we are successful, we shall say that we are a successful person and if we are not in a position to fulfill our desires, then we shall have to admit that we are failure in life. Therefore, each one of us must concentrate upon himself and then try to estimate whether we could reach our goals or we are still behind those goals. Successful person is a man who could fulfill his own desires and if fails, he must admit that he has failed.

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