Complete Contentment – How to Experience Less Stress and More Happiness

Complete contentment may be one of the most treasured states that we will ever have the opportunity to experience.  It’s there somewhere buried under the surface of stress, worry and anxiety. We just have to dig down deep and pull it up. Re-frame our focus and be open to a different way of looking at our lives.

Yes, we’re busy.  Certainly we have way too much to do and not enough time to do it in.  Of course we’re under stress and pressure.  Undoubtedly we’re exhausted and overwhelmed.  And? That’s life my friend.

If we step back for a minute, don’t we like something about our work?  We surely love the money and benefits we get from it if nothing else. Perhaps we even get satisfaction or recognition from it. If not, then at least it finances the rest of our lives.

We certainly value and love our children, family and friends.  They’re annoying at times, but funny and supportive at others. We may never know what to expect, but they add something of significance to our lives and keep us from being dull.

We can even the respect how tired we are. That usually means that we are contributing something to the world and hopefully accomplishing our goals and that feels good.

Contentment not a place you get to, but a place inside you that you can step into and experience at any time. It is quiet and busy, calming and energizing all at the same time.  It may be submerged under chores and worries, busyness and chaos, but if you look deep enough it’s there – I promise. You just have to look!

Some tips to help cultivate contentment:

Start each day with some quiet time – even a few minutes.
Take a few deep breathes when stress starts building.
Pause briefly before reacting.
Look for the lesson in the hardship.
What value am I contributing?
Ask yourself if it will matter in 10 years.
Release your expectations – we are so critical of ourselves and everyone else too!

Give it a try and see if your contentment, gratitude and happiness don’t improve.


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