Clearing Away the Clutter to Increase Productivity

One of the very best ways to increase productivity is to clear away many of the barriers you have developed over the years. Let’s face it we all have formed habits that impede our personal productivity. Whether it is due to procrastination or perhaps our inability to delegate, we all have ‘clutter’ that affects our personal performance.

Here are 3 ‘clutter clearing’ tips that anyone looking for any measure of productivity improvement in their lives can use to cut the wasted time from their days.

Look at Time Consuming Tasks

Examine many of those tasks that take up a good part of your time. Are they necessary for achieving the results you are looking for or perhaps can you incorporate them into another task? Do you spend too much time on one thing not because the time is needed but because you enjoy it? Cast the ‘clutter’ aside so that you can better ‘streamline’ your efforts in a much more time efficient manner.

Delegate or Outsource

Let’s face it there are just some things you do not need to be wasting your time on that others can do for you. Choose your strengths and delegate your weaknesses where possible. This will not only boost your personal productivity but will likely reduce your frustrations as well.

Eliminate Rituals

Many of us have developed rituals we ‘perform’ before we begin our day or transition into another work function. Scanning news, checking email or even chatting over the water cooler are all habits we have justified as necessary to maintaining our performance levels. Whether it is the deserved ‘break’ we earned from completing a task or otherwise what we are really doing is procrastinating! Stop it and you will not only become more productive but also shorten your work day as well!

One of the easiest ways to increase productivity in your life is to cast aside the clutter that has accumulated over the years. The habits and inefficient approaches you have adopted that negatively impact your personal performance need to be re-evaluated and discarded. The 3 tips suggested above target areas in which inefficiencies exist and need to be eliminated in order for any measure of productivity improvement to take place. Bad habits, procrastination and even our own inability to share the work load are all factors that lead to the deterioration of our own personal productivity. As the saying goes ‘for things to change we must change’ and in this case the change is clearly for the better!

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