6 steps to getting lucky – business wise

1) Be available.

There is the statement ‘success arrives to those who are prepared and available’. Be open to possibilities. If you want to succeed, in a financial fashion, don’t become so tunnel vision oriented that you miss opportunities. You may decide for instance that writing or selling books is the way you are going to make it, and you become so focused you miss an opportunity a friend is offering in say blogging. Or you want to sell real estate, but an acquaintance has an on line clothing store that he needs help with an will even give you equity in it, but you don’t give it a thought. Listen to the opportunities around you, there are always opportunities. Some are good for you, some aren’t. But be open. Here’s another truism when you look back from a successful venture it is never what you were looking for and it is almost always a collection of staggering coincidences that ed you to that successful venture. Be open and aware

2) Say yes.

That’s it. Say yes. At least to the possibility. Take a chance to invest some time investigating the opportunity. Say no when it obviously will not work for you at this time. But initially say yes – you cal always say o later. But if you say no, or are fearful of even looking into the possibility. There’s no opportunity to say. There’s no ‘luck” in your life.

3) Be prepared.

Success happens when you are prepared and available. So be open, but also be ready to tun up, when it happens. They say 50% of success is turning up. 90% is turning up ready to play. Be ready for action, and act, immediately. A friend asks, or you see an ad, or there’s a message put out, and you think- that’s interesting, in fact that would work for me, I should get in touch with them. Tomorrow, and then its after the weekend, and then…its gone. Turn up, ready to play when you see an opportunity

4) Accept failure

The world is full of opportunities, not all are for you, and most will not work, because of timing or finances, or market changing or you cant get along with your partners. Success comes from failure – but in the words of Bob Dylan – “failure is no success at all”. Failure is to be expected. If everything worked all the time…well what a mess. And if everything worked the way it was supposed to, everyone would do it, and there would be no money in it. Success is rewarding and lucrative, because most will not get past the first failure. Failure if you will is the fence or guards around success. Its the filter that allows only the prepared an determined win.

And that’s why winning is so lucrative, because so few get there, not because of luck or talent or skill, but because of lack of determination and foresight to get past the first one or two or twelve failures. The more failures there are, the more profitable and rewarding is is when you get there. You can fail as many timers as necessary – but you only need to success – ONCE. A good number. Once

5) Believe in opportunity

Be available, be prepared, and expect opportunity. Millions were made in the 1920’s depression, not by many, but by the few who were ready prepared and expected to find opportunity. Its party of being available. If you don’t believe it, you wont see it, and opportunity and luck will pass you by. Believe it before its there. Its allows you to be available, and make you want to be prepared, and take away tunnel vision. Sets you up for success. Yes if you believe you can achieve it. Bit if you don’t believe there is an opportunity for you round every corner – you’ll never ever see it. Even when its staring you in the face.

6) Expect to work

“The harder I work the luckier I get”. Its seems like a golden opportunity then you see the work involved and you think – that’s not what I want that’s not how people become e successful – they’re just ‘luck’ into things. No-one licks into things that produce true success and value in their lives. There is the 10,000 hour theory, to become very good at anything – you have to put in at least 10,000 hours at the thing. Frank Kern in Internet marketing portrays himself as lazy and long haired and a goofball. If you believe that – you should my bridge I have -you’ll find it in Brooklyn where I left It for you. If you get a chance take a look at say Mass Control 1 or 2 that Frank Kern created – imagine how many hours of actually creating, and then how many hours of study of all the direct selling gurus he must have done – has done. Its always work. Luck is always work. The harder I work the luckier I get.

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