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Why donate?   For the past year and a half, it has been Llenar, all by her lonesome, who has created the e-mail invitation to the guests, sought them out, followed up with them, scheduled them, informed listeners via show announcements and weekly e-mail as to whom would be on the show, etc.

She has brought you her spiritual/metaphysical heroes so that you could listen to the first-hand AND ask your own questions.  BEing in the teaching profession she understands how important first-hand knowledge is.  There’s nothing like getting your own 90%.

Llenar’s intention is  to invest her time continuing to bring quality Guests to the No Out There Talkshow, interviewing guests,  creating new blog posts, articles, teleseminars, books, seminars, conferences and podcasts; speaking to groups; and conducting personal life experiments — always with the primary intention of being 100% accountable and responsible with Fun, Joy and EASE!

If you would like to support Llenar in her mission to STOP THE BLAME GAME;  to live life from the perspective that NO Person, Place or Thing  OUT THERE is DOING it to you and to  look WITHIN for whatever is going on in your life,  PLEASE MAKE A CONTRIBUTION.   Any amount is appreciated.

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