No Out There Talkshow:  two segments one which aired Wednesdays at NOON CST and the other Wednesdays at 8pm CST

ON – NØT at NOON I shared what was on my mind and invited listeners and/or chatroom participants to join in.

ON – NØT at NIGHT I interviewed various leaders I know in the spiritual/metaphysical arena. Many of these guests are my teachers, mentors, friends or acquaintances from whom I have learned something.

NØT is an acronym for No Out There.

5 of the most recent shows:

Until October 2008: On the 2nd Sunday of each month I hosted The International Black Summit Talkshow – Interview with a Leader segment, at 8pm EST on BlogTalkRadio. I have participated with the The International Black Summit since August, 1992. We say:

  • it is a conversation being given by life, to the world, through people of black African Descent, which finds its expression in the Declaration.
  • The Summit is also an Event, which occurs the first weekend in August each year.Tune in to that show at

Listen to a recent recording of The International Black Summit Talkshow–>


The first Wednesday of each month I co-hosted The Jonn Thomas Show segment Accessing the Power Within at 3PM EST on BlogTalkRadio. Tune in to that show at

Listen to a recent recording of The Jonn Thomas Show –>


And lastly, during April and May 2008, on Monday evenings after the Oprah and Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth webcast, on No Out There I hosted A New Earth Discussion for those of us who were not subscribers of XM Satellite radio, yet who also had some thoughts about that evenings Chapter or webcast discussion

Listen to a recent recording of A New Earth Discussion –>

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