What’s in the Cards for YOU in 2009?

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What’s In The Cards for YOU in 2009?





If you are curious about what 2009 may have in store for you then THIS is the show for you.
This show is about YOU!
YOUR date of birth, YOUR year of birth, YOUR age.

Robert Lee Camp, author, teacher and master astrologer discovered the Book of Destiny system in 1988.  This ancient and secret method, accurately determines people‚Äôs personal destinies using the birthdate and current age
Since that time Robert has written ten books that reveal the secrets of this ancient science to the public, the most notable of these, Cards of Your Destiny; Your Birthday, Your Card and the Love Cards have become very popular.
Through his work, Robert hopes to raise the conscious awareness of people around the world using the tools of Astrology and Numerology.  Every Monday night Robert hosts an internet radio show called Mr. Destiny. He does a topic discussion, readings for call-in listeners, analysis of current events and predictions for listeners and celebrities plus interviews with interesting people.





 In addition to the books, internet talkshow, classes and private counseling  in 2008 Robert launched a new dating web site based upon the science in the Love Cards Book.  Find a perfect match based upon your cards, their cards, and your personal choice!
I have found Robert’s book, the Cards of Your Destiny, to be VERY ACCURATE and EASY to reference for past, present and future happenings in my life. 
He’s ready to answer your questions.

CALL IN:  ASK QUESTIONS about Romance, Finances, Health, Career, etc.: 1-646-716-9798


 9pm EST, 8pm CST, 7pm MST and 6pm PST






Have The VERY BEST MOMENTS YET of Your Eternal Life!
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