This is SOoooooooo Last Minute


CALL IN to 1-646-716-8333 or LISTEN online at

I so apologize for the late notice. I got this request late Thursday Evening.

Guest Appearance?

On New Years Eve, you had a show, which I stayed up well after midnight (lol) to listen too and called in. You helped me understand how mending relationship were important to me and I was hoping to have you on my show to express your views on Mending Relationships and getting your Mind elevated. I am doing a series on elevating yourself in the areas of Mind, Money, Moral and Mending. I do realize this is short notice, but if you are available, I would like you to be my guest . . . Saturday, March 8th, 2008 at 9pm EST. . . I appreciate your consideration and look forward to having you on my show at some point. Thank you, Chy

I decided to accept and I happened to click on the link to reply to her and saw that her Thursday evening show was LIVE so I tuned in AND the friend whom she had talked about on my show on New Year’s Eve called-in and they reconciled!!! How amazing is that?

I mentioned it to a friend of mine and he asked, “Did you send an e-mail out about it?” When I replied, “NO!” His coaching was – actually he pretty much screamed – “SEND AN E-MAIL! Let people know!” So . . .

Here is her response to my acceptance.

Hello Llenar! Thank you for responding and sincerely appreciate you being a guest on my show. Its been on my heart to invite you to one of my shows, but I knew back in January that I wanted to do a special series on self-improvement and I just wanted to make sure I would have everything lined up prior to me asking you. So I appreciate . . . and I look forward to you joining me tonight at 9pm (8pm CST). The call in number is: (646) 716-8333 . . Thanks again and I look forward to our conversation. Ps. The topic tonight is Mind Elevation…basically discussing various ways we can elevate our mentalities, or our current mode of thinking about various aspects of life as well as how we perceive ourselves and others. Thanks:) Chy

I’m inviting you to JOIN ME TOO! Either CALL IN to 646-716-8333 or LISTEN online at

I’ll be listening out for you and/or looking for you in the Chatroom.


P.S. And Danita, if you’ve missed any of my shows you can listen to them 24/7/366 (this IS Leap Year!) The shows are recorded and available for you at

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