Numerologist and Photographer, David Jenkins

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Heeeeee’S BAAAAACK after 2 years.  He was such a hit on the afternoon show, that for several weeks afterwards, I received e-mail requests, which I forwarded on to him, asking when he was going to return.
He’s David Jenkins, a world-class photographer and the man behind the lens for my fabulous photo below, on my website and also on BlogTalkRadio
David’s been a numerologist for 27 years (or as he likes to put it, 3 cycles of 9).  And this year he’s been the featured numerologist for several spiritual, metaphysical and gala opening venues here in Chicago.
David will do some ON AIR Readings, so if you are curious as to how your BIRTHDATE, NAME you were given at birth and/or CURRENT NAME you are called now impact your character, personality and life, e-mail these 3 items, your Birthdate, Name at birth and Current Name to

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Until tonight then . . .  have the Very Best MOMENTS YET of Your Eternal Life!


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