NO OUT THERE is going on Hiatus!

Beginning TODAY  JUNE 3RD, NO OUT THERE is going on Hiatus for the next 3 months while I complete writing the No Out There book.  (No show on June 3rd)

I had been thinking about how to do this for some time.  I thought I would continue hosting the Talkshow until I reached the 2 year mark in September 2009 while I continued to write the book.  And up ’til now I have.  Yet, I have come to understand why people writing books say NO phone calls, NO visitors, NO nothing!!!

For the past 20 months with the Talkshow, it’s been l’il ol’ me, sending e-mails to invite guests, scheduling guests,  sending out weekly show announcement e-mails, updating the schedule on BlogTalkRadio, hosting the show, managing callers, responding in the chatroom and sending guests Thank You e-cards AND updating and maintaining the No Out There website

As my friend Syd said, “It’s been a bit like preparing the house for a new guest each week”, for 20 months straight – no holidays.  And yes, from time to time people have SAID they would assist and then didn’t follow through.  No blame.

During this hiatus, your continued support of No Out There would be greatly appreciated.  Support can be demonstrated in several ways: 

  1. If you enjoyed and benefited from what you heard on No Out There Click Here to Make A Donation click the button on the right to give a Love Offering, Support, etc.
  2. I LOVE to read.  I welcome Gift Certificates to
  3. PURCHASE one of the Talkshow Guests Books from the No Out There website.
  4. LISTEN to shows while on the No Out There website
  5.  Download or Listen to shows on the No Out There BlogTalkRadio site which you weren’t able to listen to previously. While the shows won’t be LIVE during this period, it may be a GREAT time to listen since they’re recorded and you can forward, rewind and listen at your leisure.
  6. AND then, of course RETURN to No Out There in September.

In the meantime, you’re welcome to join Sydney Chase and I on Sunday mornings at 10am.—llenar.   I sometimes hang out in Sydney’s Indigo Room on Talkshoe on Saturdays (2e), Sundays (6e) or Mondays (1e).

If you’re not already, you may wish to FOLLOW No Out There on Twitter (nooutthere) and join No Out There’s Fan Page on Facebook.  I’ll let you know when I discover something interesting, for instance, did you know that Dr. Bruce Lipton will be in Chicago June 6th?  AND Dr. Eric Pearl will be in Chicago in August?

It is my intention to gather guests (in a more leisurely fashion) for the return of No Out There in September and beyond.  However, it may be a New Format and/or a New Platform (i.e. may not be BlogTalkRadio), it could even be No Out There on!

Consider this a Season Finale and look forward to a new Season with a new book, new guests, new format, new look, new outlook and NEW ATTITUDE!

Until then . . .  have the Very Best SUMMER YET of Your Eternal Life!

AND THANK YOU FOR TUNING IN AND LISTENING!  Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear?

Sydney Chase and I will be on again on Sunday.  We continue to work out the kinks as continues to improve their platform!
So join in as we share how share how we apply Abraham-Hicks, LOA, The Secret, What The Bleep, etc. in our lives.
AND since we’re interested in knowing how YOU do that too – listener/audience participation is welcome and encouraged.
GOOD RISING Sunday Mornings
11am EST
hosts Sydney and Llenar

In the meantime, Have The Very Best Summer YET of Your Eternal Life


Soon to be Author of the No Out There book

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