Format Change for No Out There Daytime!

I announced this on the show last week and just in case you haven’t heard, there’s been a format change for No Out There Daytime.

It’s going to be more of what I originally envisioned for the show – an opportunity to learn about the No Out There concept AND how to use it in life.

Beginning today, Wednesday, February 13th at NOON, you’ll have a chance to apply the No Out There approach to your issue and/or concern with my assistance. And you may ask any questions you have about No Out There.

New Name: NØT at NOON
NØT is the abbreviation for No Out There. Cute eh?

New Format:
Q & A

CALL-IN with your issue to 646-716-9798, OR send an e-mail by going to the website and press HERE’S MY ISSUE!, OR type your issue in the Chat Room.

With my assistance, we’ll apply the NØT approach to issues and concerns.

I hope you enjoy the new format AND that you’ll CALL-IN with your issue, concern or question.

Wednesday, February 13th
NOON CST (1pm EST, 11am MST, 10am PST)

CALL-IN: 1-646-716-9798


Your host Llenar

P.S. No Out There NIGHTTIME at 8pm CST Wednesday’s will retain the interview format. And, Danita, if you’ve missed any past No Out There shows you can listen to them at, too!


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