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While I was in Arizona chauffeuring for my parents, I had the delightful opportunity to meet with one of my spiritual/metaphysical heroes, Brugh Joy.  Due to scheduling conflicts our meeting time changed to a 4pm one-to-one conversation with Brugh followed by dinner with his twin brother Bob and Carolyn Conger, PhD, Brugh’s friend of 30 years.
In the meeting/dinner confirmation e-mail Brugh suggested Carolyn might be an ‘interesting’ guest for the talkshow.  I thought I was on her e-mail list, however when I checked that’s not what I found.  So I Googled her name and came across two wonderful MP3s she’s created entitled:  Self-Healing and Inner Wisdom, and Altered State and Transformation.  I encourage you to have a listen.  Very peaceful and relaxing.
As Carolyn followed Bob into Brugh’s apartment, I thought, she looks just like her picture.   READ MORE . . .



Llenar, Brugh, Bob, Carolyn

After dinner, as Bob drove us safely back to the apartment, sitting in the back seat of the car, Carolyn and I made plans for her to be on the talkshow.  I’ve already booked her for 2 shows.  This first time, she’ll be talking about DREAM SYMBOLOGY and how to interpret them and use them in life.   She will also INTERPRET some listener dreams
You may E-MAIL YOUR DREAM to talkshow@no-out-there.com
or join us  TOMORROW, Wednesday, December 2nd;  9PM est, 8PM cst, 7PM mst, 6PM pst and share your dream LIVE.  Either way, Carolyn is looking forward to interpreting your dream.

Carolyn Conger, PhD, is a consultant and teacher who conducts seminars internationally in psychological growth, healing, dream work, intuition, creativity, and spirituality.


Carolyn has lived with tribal societies throughout the world, studying their healing and metaphysical arts. From her research in psycho- immunology and human energy fields, she also teaches mind/body techniques for optimum health. Her doctorate is in clinical psychology.

Join in the discussion Wednesday, December 2nd
9pm EST, 8pm CST, 7pm MST and 6pm PST
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