Recreate Your Life in 2010

No Show, Wednesday, December 30th   I think this slogan came from my friend Jonn:   PLAY TO WIN! in 2010   There’s a difference between playing to win and playing not to lose. PLAY TO WIN! Back in November, the 24th to be exact, I sent the following e-mail to Morty Lefkoe of The […]

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Holiday Karaoke on No Out There

  What’s your ALL-TIME FAVORITE Christmas Carol or Holiday Song?    How’s about joining me this Wednesday Evening on No Out There and SINGing IT?   WEDNESDAY, December 23rd 9pm EST, 8pm CST, 7pm MST,  6pm PST CALL-IN if you’re gonna’ sing: 1-646-716-9798     It’ll be FUN!  It’s kinda’ like KARAOKE with your telephone […]

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Numerologist and Photographer, David Jenkins

Listen to the Interview with David Jenkins–>   Heeeeee’S BAAAAACK after 2 years.  He was such a hit on the afternoon show, that for several weeks afterwards, I received e-mail requests, which I forwarded on to him, asking when he was going to return.   He’s David Jenkins, a world-class photographer and the man behind […]

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