Happy Holidays

      Happy Happy Holidays to You and Yours     May you have the MOST delightful, fun-filled, uplifting, joyfull, empowering, awe-inspiring, enlivening, transformational, magical, mystical, divine, inspirational, jaw-dropping, lip-smacking, finger-licking, gut-busting, life-affirming, colorful, memorable, musical, overflowing, abundant, opulent, luxurious, loving, heartwarming and Happy Holidays of Your Eternal Lives!         Llenar […]

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Holiday Karaoke on No Out There

  What’s your ALL-TIME FAVORITE Christmas Carol or Holiday Song?    How’s about joining me this Wednesday Evening on No Out There and SINGing IT?   WEDNESDAY, December 23rd 9pm EST, 8pm CST, 7pm MST,  6pm PST CALL-IN if you’re gonna’ sing: 1-646-716-9798     It’ll be FUN!  It’s kinda’ like KARAOKE with your telephone […]

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Christmas in Arizona – 2009

So far so good.  Most of the lights, wreaths and other decorations are up. The weather’s GREAT.  Mom baked the cupcakes and cake loaves before I got here.  Some have even been delivered.  What’s left is to find suitable containers for the loaves and get them wrapped for delivery. The transmission on their van has […]

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