Numerologist and Photographer, David Jenkins

Listen to the Interview with David Jenkins–>   Heeeeee’S BAAAAACK after 2 years.  He was such a hit on the afternoon show, that for several weeks afterwards, I received e-mail requests, which I forwarded on to him, asking when he was going to return.   He’s David Jenkins, a world-class photographer and the man behind […]

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Attended my friend David’s Photography Exhibit Opening

I have just returned from my friend DJ’s photography exhibit. (DJ is short for David Jenkins. David graced me with all of the photos you see of me around the web now.)  He decided he wanted to work with what he termed ‘black-on-black’. Stunning it is. Blown away I was. See sample you must. Comments? […]

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Photographer and Numerologist on NO OUT THERE today

I’ve received many compliments on my new photos. Well, on today’s NO OUT THERE talk show you’ll get a chance to meet the person behind the lens. David Jenkins is a world-class photographer and the person responsible for my fabulous photo below, on my website and also on BlogTalkRadio. Visit his online studio at […]

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