My visit with Brugh Joy

If you’ve been following the No Out There Talkshow for the past two years, you know I rarely blog about myself and what’s going on in my life.  I blog about the show or the guest  I”m going to have on the show, or the impact that guest has made in my life or why […]

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SELF Mastery with Brugh Joy

Listen to the Conversation with Brugh –>   P. S.  This was by far the best time I’ve had on my show as I transition from Interviewer to Co-Host.  It was a true conversation with lots of give and take.  Brugh was generous, informative and compassionate. He’s about to celebrate his 70th Birthday.  AND just […]

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SELF MASTERY Month on No Out There Talkshow

  MARCH is SELF MASTERY Month on NO OUT THERE   Each Wednesday at 9pm EST, YOU ARE INVITED to Join In, Listen, Call-in and Speak with Featured Guests and Co-hosts about their approaches, methods, practices, procedures and programs which have helped them achieve SELF MASTERY.  You’ll have the opportunity to discover which process may […]

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