Tune in to NO OUT THERE LIVE tomorrow, Wednesday NOON online at www.no-out-there.com/radio and/or CALL-IN to 646-716-9798.

My guest tomorrow is James Gilmore, aka Dr. G. He’s my friend, a minister, son, father, speaker, traveler, avid chess player and an adventurer in the spiritual/metaphysical realm and mind/brain technology.

If you missed the Sept. 19th show with James get all the juicy details about it by clicking PLAY on the No Out There Pilot show – guest James Gilmore at the following link: www.no-out-there.com/radio

Join us tomorrow as we continue to discuss the philosophy that there really is no out there, out there; that what’s in my life and what shows up in my life is a reflection of me; that I have created and create everything that is in my world, 100% responsibility, etc.

The next show is Wednesday October 3rd, at NOON CST (1pm-EST, 11am-MST, 10am-PST) online at www.no-out-there.com/radio and/or CALL-IN to 646-716-9798.

Llenar (aka Danita)

“We must program the brain to SEE what we insist is not there” Ramtha

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