The Intention Process and Me

I first heard about the Intention Process in 2002. Someone, I don’t remember whom now, who knew I was into affirmations told me to checkout the website – I went to the website and was hooked before I read a word! The background image of the dolphins and all the blue won me over. Then I began reading about the process and all the stories and instinctively knew there was something to this.

All the information I needed to get started was and is right there on the website. With affirmations I was used to saying this or something better, so I liked the addition of, for the highest and best good of the Universe, myself, and everyone everywhere. It had a good ring to it. So I dove in, created my list, and began saying my Intentions daily.

Now, for those of you who don’t know, that is step 1 and 3 of a 3-step Process. Step 1 being saying the intentions outloud daily and step-3 State that, in order for your intentions to manifest, they must serve the Highest and Best Good of the Universe, yourself, and everyone concerned.

So, I did step 1and 3 for a couple of weeks. I noticed a few things happening, I felt better, calmer, and that was GREAT, yet, I had some pretty big things on my list regarding, money, career, relationship, like that so I decided I better do something about the 2nd step which was to go to an Intenders Circle once a week.

Well, I’d looked at the Directory of Circles when I first went to the website, so I knew there wasn’t one in Chicago and at that time most of my friends who might’ve been interested lived in other cities and states, so conference calling, which was VERY expensive at that time, was out of the question. So I decided to start a group.

I intended for a group of 4-6 people, sent for the materials: video, extra handbooks, etc., and got on the phone, told my network of spiritual, metaphysical, transformational friends what I was up to, explained the ‘friendly format’ as outlined on the website and asked if they’d like to participate. We set a date for a couple of Sundays following. I gave them the web address and e-mailed it to them so they could familiarize themselves with The Process and The Circles and asked them to bring a dish.

We met at my house, ate, popped the video in and after the introduction to the process, they began the process. It started with an opening ‘invocation’ or ‘prayer’ and then we did what they did. When they said their “gratitudes”, we paused the video and each shared what we were grateful for. When they shared their intentions, we paused the video and did likewise. At the close, we continued following along, stood up, gathered in a circle, joined hands and participated in as they closed the gathering with words and a visualition and ended it with toning. That’s the part I like, the toning. When the last person’s ‘ohm’, ‘ph’ or ‘ah’ fades away I feel such a peaceful stillness.

So, the guy in our group intended for more income – he was offered a part-time employment opportunity which he loves and still does to this day; my friend, intended she sell her mom’s home and complete all those affairs, quickly and easily – she did at a good price!

The rest was Intenders Circles History. . . until the winter came. One person moved away, another’s schedule changed, a third was depending upon transportation of the person who’s scheduled changed, etc. Honestly I don’t remember WHAT I intended back then, since that time, I’ve had so many intentions fulfilled.

Just recently, a set an intention about being a well-paid, sought after workshop/seminar leader. Within days, a Presentation opportunity was offered to me – of course I accepted! This Intention was set in the midst of a long distance conversation with a good friend of mine, whom I consider the Mistress of Intentions, when she mentioned she needed to set an intention around something and suddenly said, “Let’s have an intention session.” I said, “Sure. When?” “Right now!”, she replied.

So for me, it’s not so much that I be in a room with a group or someone, it’s that I be with like-minded people. You know the saying, “When two or more are gathered . . . ”

Conference call, SKYPE, work for me!!!

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