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P. S.  This was by far the best time I’ve had on my show as I transition from Interviewer to Co-Host.  It was a true conversation with lots of give and take.  Brugh was generous, informative and compassionate.
He’s about to celebrate his 70th Birthday.  AND just just begun his foray into Online Classes.  Visit his site at to find out more.  I highly recommend ANY courses he offers.

P. S. S.  ♬HAPPY BIRTHDAY♫ Brugh and ♬many, many more!

I rarely send out reminders about upcoming shows, I’m did so for this one because, one of my Spiritual/Metaphysical Heroes was my guest on No Out There, Dr. Brugh  Joy.  He is the author of two of my “bible books” Joy’s Way and Avalanche.  Some of you may  remember me raving about them years ago.  Maybe not.




For my VHM Tapology classmates, I think you will appreciate the FULL title of Joy’s Way:  A Map for the Transformational Journey; An Introduction to the Potentials for Healing  with Body Energies.  If you’ve seen the cover of the book, it shows a hand with an aura  surrounding it.

Joy’s Way was the first book I had read, by a physician who left his practice, speaking about energy fields, scanning the fields, transferring energy to another, healing with energy, etc.  And so  because our studies have now ventured into that arena AND because Dr. Joy’s journey  reminded me of Dr. Vincent’s I thought I’d remind you of tonight’s show. Maybe there are  some questions you’d like to ask him.

For the Summit Body, as I was preparing for the show tonight, rereading some of the pages in  Avalanche which I had highlighted and paper-clipped, I came across this highlighted  section: “We are unconsciuos when we react to something outside ourselves and are  unaware that the reactivity is really in defense of unconsciously held ideas of forces  within us.  The enemy is not “out there”.  Last year when I skimmed over it I was  shocked to read that passage – I remember thinking so THIS is where I got this  initially.  I had forgotten it so some years later when Meredith said something  like, “Well, Yokar says there’s really nothing out there.  We’re just reflecting  ourself.”

Skimming the paper-clipped pages further I ran across a section entitled: Projections onto the Screen of Reality followed by an example of that entitled: Rage and Compassion:   The Flaw in the Doctor’s Facade.

Yet, even for all of that the most amazing thing I took away from either book was the  Spiral Meditation. As I said in the previous note, beginning with the Heart Chakra point  and ending in the Transpersonal point 12-24 inches above the Crown Chakra.  See photo.

When I re-read last year, I didn’t notice I had been leaving the spleen out of the spiral all these years.  WOW!   At any rate, start at the Heart Chakra point and remain  there until it is fully activated, i.e. until you feel some sort of sensation there,  warmth, tingling, pulsating, etc.

“Then envision the beginning of the spiral energy  pattern carrying the essence of the heart chakra to the solar plexus, focusing . . .  attention on it until it is activated. . . repeat this process, going to each successive  chakra in the spiral and waiting until it feels activated . . . finally rest at the  transpersonal point and relax totally into a meditative state.  Later . . . to conclude  the meditation . . . begin at the transpersonal point and working through the spiral in  the opposite direction, prepare each chakra for its integration into the physical plane  until, reaching the heart chakra, . . . experience a sense of expanded appreciation for  the opportunity to be alive, embodied and spiritually quickened.”

Well, that’s it. Just wanted to give you some idea of who this guest is and has been in  my life.

I do look forward to hearing from you tonight.  Until whenever we hook-up again, have  the very best moments YET of your ETERNAL life!



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9pm EST, 8pm CST, 7pm MST, 6pm PST
P.S.  Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, A Stroke of Insight is confirmed for May 27th
P.S. S.  For The LOVE Of Money Teleseminar is on for March 26th
To start out the month, this Wednesday, I’ll be joined by another of MY SPIRITUAL/METAPHYSICAL HEROES.  He’s the author of two of my all time FAVORITE BOOKS, Joy’s Way and Avalanche: Heretical Reflections on the Dark and the Light.  His name is  Dr. Brugh Joy.
For many years I used and shared the Spiral Meditation in Joy’s Way.  It begins at the Heart Chakra and continues in a circular pattern culminating at the crown or soul star chakra.  Such warm energy flowed through my body doing this meditation it would often last for hours afterwards.
Brugh Joy is a teacher of Heart Centered Transformation and Spiritual Enlightenment.  His courses deal with body energy fields, healing techniques using energy transfered through the hands, and Self-Discovery.  His teaching includes shadow work (seeking insight into an individual’s unconscious side), understanding dreams and projections, and exploring high-intensity sound, rituals, collective energy dynamics and intuitional states of consciousness.
Wednesday, March 4th
9pm EST, 8pm CST, 7pm MST, 6pm PST
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