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Follow up with Al Diaz
‘The Titus Concept: Money for My Best and Highest Good’

On the May 14th NOT@NIGHT show I shared that I’d I’ve done the 3-step process outlined in ‘Money for My Best and Highest Good’ AND that It works!

I experienced an increase in money to my bank accounts, Paypal account, in my hand and into my mailbox. This was the affirmation I set forth during an Intention session AFTER completing the 3-steps outlined in The Titus Concept.

At the end of that show, Al invited me and those listening to participate in a 30 day Mirror work experiment. Here’s what he told us to do:

For the 30 days (ending 6/12/08) Before bed – look into the pupils of your eyes, and say, “I honor who you are and what you are.” 3 times, then tell yourself, “I love you unconditionally.” 3 times. Go to bed. In the morning while you’re still groggy – go to mirror and repeat the process.

At the time, I wasn’t aware Al was giving away a preview of the 1st chapter of his new booK, ‘BEING THE TITUS CONCEPT’, to me and No Out There listeners.

Well, I took on the challenge and will be reporting the results of my mirror work!!! And a couple of folks who listened that night are calling in also to share their results!



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