RE: Lorraine Warren – Wednesday – Jan 30th


Please join me Wednesday evening, January 30th for No Out There NIGHTTIME.  I’ll be having a conversation with Lorraine Warren about her experiences living life with the No Out There philosophy.

I have known Lorraine for 17 years.  She is a consultant and educator with 15+ years experience with groups such as Legacy International, Youth at Risk and Operation Crossroads Africa.  Last year Lorraine facilitated a workshop with dignitaries from around the world which included Desmond Tutu’s daughter.  She is a Facilitator and former leader of The International Black Summit

She was interviewed by Maya Angelou in December 2007. That interview aired last Wednesday, January 23rd on Oprah & Friends – XM 156.

Lorraine, affectionately known as “Auntie Rain”, is a natural born comedienne.  She livens up and infuses fun into most situations.  In her hometown of Tallahassee Florida, she is known around the community for her work with Harmony Camp, a children’s summer camp and the John G. Riley House Museum – the only home in Florida which was the home of a former slave.

These days Lorraine is attending The University of Santa Monica (USM) completing coursework for her Masters in Spiritual Psychology.  After the first weekend, Lorraine phoned me and said, “Llenar, you would LOVE USM.  NO OUT THERE* is all up in there!!!”

No Out There, an idea, concept, philosophy with the premise, that everything everything, everything, I think, say and do, is about me even and especially when I am referencing you.  I am 100% responsible for what I have in my life.  I am projecting my perception and viewpoint out – effectively creating my life, my experiences, my relationships, my world.

Join in and Join us!

Wednesday, January 30th

8pm CST (9pm EST, 7pm MST, 6pm PST)

CALL-IN: 1-646-716-9798


Llenar (aka Danita)

P.S.  And, Mwangaza, if you’ve missed any past No Out There shows you can listen to them at, too!

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