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I met Sandi Daly online in The Indigo Room while I was on hiatus. She let me know that something I said about No Out There made a difference for her.  I don’t remember what it was, I’ll ask her on the show.
Anyway, I had great fun meeting her in person while I was in Arizona in July before my parents and I drove back to Chicago for their annual trek this year.  When we met, at the IHOP, Sandi had the manuscript for her book, Pop Your Paradigm, on the tabletop counter in front of her, all typed up and ready to go to the publisher. Now, it’s her 2nd published book!!
POP YOUR PARADIGMHer life account, which is what her book is about, is AMAZING.  As she and I talked that day, most of the time all I could say was,  “WOW!  REALLY!  NO WAY!”
Wait until you hear HER STORY!  Wait until you hear what she’s up to now!  Wait until you hear the endorsements she has gotten for her book AND how she got them!!!
A lot of gurus today CANNOT tell you how they got where they are – they don’t have a clue – Sandi does.  If you’ve ever tried to figure out how to get past the subconscious programming that keeps you stuck in the same life year after year – her entertaining and informative book, in which she lets you in on how SHE got past hers, provides an incredibly powerful model for doing just that!


If this show doesn’t have you flying high, thinking about the possibility of maybe I CAN TOO!!!, ready to take your dreams off the shelf, dust them off and have them realized – we gotta’ check your pulse!


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