No Out There – Stop The Blame Game is BACK On The Air!


Hello, Hello, Hello,
No Out There, with me Llenar as your hostess, is BACK ON THE AIR!
The 1st show was last week, September 30th.  Yeah, yeah, I KNOW I didn’t send out a notice.  I kept thinking I needed to do that and before I knew it the date was here and so I sent out a TWEET.
OK, so maybe you’re not on Twitter so that wouldn’t have helped either.  (If you ARE on Twitter, add me as NoOutThere or Llenar OR email me your Twitter name and I’ll add you so you’ll get notified of the show date, time and guest.)
BTW, Dr. Eric Pearl won’t be the guest tomorrow, I took the notice down earlier this morning.  NO OUT THERE – Stopping The Blame Game is the topic for the entire month of October – my birthday month.
Gotta’ run now.  My 81-years-of-age Mom just intercommed me. She’s ready for US to complete the final  DIY (Do It Yourself) project with her supervising!!!  By US, I’m referring to – my brother, me and my 85-years-of-age Father who is recovering from knee replacement surgery . This time the project is paneling.
We’ll be heading back to Arizona next weekend so this time next week, I’ll be coming to you LIVE from there!
In case you’re interested, here’s the link to last week’s show: 

Until tonight night  . . .  have the Very Best MOMENTS YET of Your Eternal Life!
AND THANK YOU FOR TUNING IN AND LISTENING!  Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear?


Soon to be Author of the No Out There book

P.S. I look forward to your Questions and Comments about No Out There.
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