New Year’s Eve Party Invite from NO OUT THERE!

Happy Holidays to ya’.

I got this wild idea to host a New Year’s Eve PARTY and YOU’RE INVITED!

This party is gonna’ be LIVE and ONLINE on the No Out There Talk Show!!!

And Earick, you don’t have to catch a train, plane, bus or drive to be there!  All you’ve got to do is either DIAL 1-646-716-9897 or get online at and join the Live Chat or CLICK and Listen.

It starts at 10:30pm CST New Year’s Eve so all my East Coast friends can give a HOLLA’ just before, during and after Midnight. And it’s continuing on for two (2) hours so all my Chicago friends can join in.  (I’m still working on hooking up the West Coast at Midnight.)

BE MY GUEST! Share your most memorable New Year’s Eve, your resolutions for this New Year’s, tell of your success with last year’s resolution, or give a shout out to me, your family and friends.  You chose your topic.

You can join in the fun from anywhere.  You never know who’ll be on the show with me when you chime in!

JOIN ME! December 31st, New Years Eve

(11:30pm EST, 10:30pm CST, 9:30pm MST, 8:30pm PST)

Call-in:   646-716-9897 (Add it to you cellphone contact list now!)


I’m looking forward to bringing in THIS New Year’s with YOU!

Llenar (aka Danita)

“. . .how can you continue
to see the world as real
if the self that is determining
it to be real is intangible? Ramtha

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