Let’s Talk About LOVE! series – Part I

Listen to the Interview with Al Diaz –>

I don’t usually blog.  I usually post the e-mails I’ve sent out to my “list”.  However, I felt it my duty to let you know about Part I of the month long 4-part Let’s Talk About LOVE! series on the NO OUT THERE Talkshow.

Al Diaz, author of BEing The Titus Concept was my co-host.  He gave away the kitchen sink again.  I wasn’t sure what we were going to speak about concerning LOVE and as it turned out, it was the PERFECT beginning for the month-long series.  It was the basics, the core, the foundation of LOVE – LISTEN to find out what that is –>

Al, who had recently returned from a week of co-leading Seminars in Hawaii, shared yet another process for No Out There listeners.  Reminiscent of what I used to call the ‘One Step Beyond Game’, Al asked that we answer the following MAIN QUESTION:

What is the one thing you want for yourself by the end of the year?

Once you have answered that question, number the next Question #1 and LISTEN and follow along with the rest of the process –>

And I KNEW it once I reached my answer to that 5th question.  I KNEW in my heart that my answer was correct and TRUE!  I FELT IT!  LISTEN to find out my answer to those questions –>

Al said he asked those participants in Hawaii to do the exercise 2 more times following the same procedure, answering: “What is the next most important thing you want for yourself by the end of the year?”

Once they had all three answers he had them do something so magical they all had tears in their eyes once they completed!  CLICK HERE to LISTEN and follow along with that process –>

I encourage you to do this process for yourself, your family, your LIFE!

And follow along the rest of the month 9pm EST, 1-646-716-9798:

Part II  – Wednesday, February 11th  Let’s Talk About LOVE with dr michael & Jeanie ryce

Part III –  Wednesday, February 18th Let’s Talk About LOVE with Michael Sigmann

Part IV – Wednesday, February 24th Let’s Talk About LOVE with Melvin and Sherrie Allen


Have the Very Best Moments YET of Your Eternal Life and Have FUN doing it!

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