Ho’oponopono Seminar Chicago with Dr. Hew Len – DAY TWO

Listen to the Interview with Dr. Ihaleakala and Mabel Katz from Dec’ 08 –>

So nice, I have to say it twice.

THANK YOU for contributing to me:  Chekesha, Petal, Kathryn, Percy, Sally, AC, Pamela, Dr. Barbara, LORRAINE, ALICIA, Herb, and Niamo for making this possible!

Day Two didn’t disappoint.  Miracles abounded.

Dr. Len, Llenar, Malcolm

Dr. Len, Llenar, Malcolm

Here’s the photo of Malcolm, me and Dr. Len.

What happened?  I cleaned all night.  (Oops, I didn’t ask Dr. Len if he cleaned too!)

I was in my head most of the night with conversations such as:  I KNOW that was HIS stuff from the past and now he’s laying it on me!!!  It’s NOT about him It’s about me – No Out There.  That’s his crap, it doesn’t have anything to do with me.   Well, yes, AND I was there when he said NO so it’s about ME.  That came out of HIS mouth, it was about HIM not me.  OK even if it is his crap AND it’s about him, what he said in class is that if the person who shows up in my space with an “issue” isn’t cleaning or won’t clean then I’ve got to . . . so do I wanna’ be RIGHT or do I wanna’ be effective?  I chose CLEAN because I wanna’ be FREE!  Free of the memories.

I also had conversations, in my mind, which went like:  When a person shows up in my space with a problem it shows me what there is for ME to clean.  OK, I wanted to get a photo and didn’t get it.  What do I have going on in my life which looks like Dr. Len’s fear or concern of someone taking his image and using it to sell something which he’s not promoting?  Hmmm, is this similar to me having a concern that if I spell out No Out There’s process on my website that someone will take that information, write a book, give workshops/seminars, etc.

So most of this morning when the photo thoughts came up, I cleaned, “Please forgive me.  Thank you.  I love you.” At the first break, I was getting my nerve up to go and ask Dr. Len for a photo – again.  There was a long-haired blonde woman speaking with him, and two other people forming a line ahead of me, when suddenly, my friend Nellie and I, saw Dr. Len step back behind the whiteboard on the right and a flash went off.  Now in the old days, I would’a been all in my head with conversations like, “Oh, so that’s how it is.  White,  blonde and long-haired gets you a photo of Dr. Len?  Um-hmph!!”

This time, that didn’t even enter my head.  Nellie said, “See you did the cleaning and someone else got a picture.  Get yourself on up there and see what he says.”  I walked up the aisle with butterflies in my stomach, “Please forgive me.  Please forgive me.  Please forgive me.”   When it was my turn, I said, “Dr. Len, I’d like to take a picture with you and Malcolm today.”  He kind of smiled and made a noise.  He put his hand on my shoulder and asked, “Do you have your camera with you today?”

‘Yes’, I replied.  So Dr. Len waved for Malcolm to join us.  And the rest is mystory – above!

CLEANING WORKS!  I got my photo with Dr. Len and Malcolm.  On the drive home, Nellie told me there were a few more people who got photos of and/or with Dr. Len.

Nellie, Rom, Fani, Jade

Nellie, Rom, Fani, Jade

I got photos of my friends – Nellie, Rom and Fani and listeners.

Shelley and Paul

Shelley and Paul

Today, I saw two other mutual friends, Shelley and Paul, whom I know from Landmark Education.  They had been attending Pre-Paid Legal.  Didn’t see Cecelia today, so no photo of her.

Pamela, who originally took Ho’oponopono back in the 80’s she took Ho’oponopono with Mornah Simeona is also a friend from my Landmark Education days is also a mutual friend of Shelley and Paul.  Pamela had a different last name.  

When I saw Pamela yesterday, I kept thinking she reminded me of someone I knew from Landmark.  Her name was Carol.  She did astrological charts.  So this morning I mentioned that to Pamela and she said, “That was my friend.  We were in a business together.  And you won’t believe this – she passed away in April of cancer and didn’t tell me her friend and business partner  .”  I felt saddened to hear that and pleased to be in touch with Pamela again.  Aargh, I cannot believe I didn’t get a photo of her!

Godwin, Diane and Betty

Godwin, Diane and Betty

Here are some Ho’oponopono listeners:


Linda, Llenar and Agnieszka

Linda, Llenar and Agnieszka








Here’s a sample of what we discussed on Day Two – similar to what was covered with Joe Vitale’s Zero Limits III:

–  Review and repetition of material covered yesterday

–  The importance of non-stop cleaning and how to do it

–  Why problems seemingly outside of you are really inside you

–  How you can clean in advance

–  A guided meditation with Dr. Hew Len

–  A fast-track process for getting to the state of Zero.

–  Why you have to take 100% responsibility for your life

–  The eraser – whaaa?

–  How to utilize the bottle palm for cleaning

–  The use of blue corn meal

–  How to talk with your house or car, so they clean for you

–  The benefits of hot chocolate

–  and much, much more!

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