Back on the air with my 2nd show!!!

I’m back on the air with my 2nd show. YOU’RE invited to listen to the show LIVE online at and/or CALL-IN to 646-716-9798.

The next show is Wednesday Sept. 26th, at NOON CST (1pm-EST, 11am-MST, 10am-PST).

My guest this week is Meredith (Darlene) Spears who wasn’t able to be with me last week due to a scheduling snafu. Meredith, who introduced me to the concept NO OUT THERE, is my friend, a minister, pilot, stewardess, teacher, locktitian, world traveler, and fluent in several languages. Reverend Spears holds a master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica.

Join us as we discuss the philosophy that there really is no out there, out there; that what’s in my life and what shows up in my life is a reflection of me; that I have created and create everything that is in my world, etc.

If you missed last week’s show with James Gilmore get all the juicy details about it (including how to host your own show) by clicking the following link:


Llenar (aka Danita)
“We must program the brain to SEE what we insist is not there” Ramtha
P.S. If you’d like to be a guest on an upcoming show, holla’ back with a couple of your available dates and let’s get it set up

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