A New Earth Discussion – Chapter Six

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Following the Oprah Winfrey and Eckhart Tolle webcast of A New Earth on Monday evenings (10:30p EST/9:30p CST/7:30p PST) Viewers and others are invited to LISTEN, CALL-IN and DISCUSS the material presented on the webcast.

A discussion opportunity for rest of us who have AHA’s, insights, questions and comments hosted by Llenar on NØT at NIGHT

Chapter Six – Breaking Free

  • Presence – Resist Not Evil; What you Resist, Persists
  • Energy in Motion
  • The Pain-Body in Children – observe the tantrum; then ASK questions about the behavior
  • Unhappiness – pain body and maybe out of alignment with the present moment.
  • Triggers
  • The Pain-Body as an Awakener
  • Breaking FREE of the Pain-Body – it takes as long as it takes

All is energy vibrating at different frequencies. The pain-body is an emotional aspect of the ego. What is identified with becomes ego, becomes form.

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