Re: Mark Tomback, author, on No Out There, Jan 9th.

Today’s guest on the NO OUT THERE Talkshow is Martin “Mark” Tomback, author of SpiritingAround: A Modern Guide to Finding Yourself, a self-help/spiritual book.

In our initial conversation, Mark told me he wrote the book with teens in mind but it’s really for anyone. It’s a guidebook for growing up – from the inside out – and who couldn’t use that information . . . at any age?

Mark sent me a copy of the book, which I read. It’s got a lot of substance. His book has entire chapters devoted to Money & Love – in which he talks about sex, marriage & divorce.

Chapter 5, Conflicts & Controversies, which is almost half of the book covers War, Drugs, Lying, Family Values, Heroes, Celebrities, Role Models, and completing that chapter there’s the A-Z section of 71 issues which are presented for the reader to think about and then form their opinions. These 71 issues range in topics from Abortion, Alien Life in the Universe, Government Influence & Responsibility, History, Health, and Immigration to Marriage, Divorce & Infidelity; Prostitution, Wealth and Zoning to name a few.

Join us in a lively dialogue as we discuss Mark’s life, what led him to write this book, his views on some of these matters and more . . .

Tune in – Today!

Wednesday, January 9th
NOON (1pm EST, 11am MST, 10am PST)

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Llenar (aka Danita)

“. . .how can you continue
to see the world as real
if the self that is determining
it to be real is intangible? Ramtha

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