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Tune in to NO OUT THERE LIVE TODAY, Wednesday October 10th at NOON online at and/or CALL-IN to 646-716-9798.

My return guest today is Meredith Spears, who introduced me to the concept NO OUT THERE. Meredith, my friend, is a minister, pilot, stewardess, teacher, locktitian, world traveler, fluent in several languages. She holds a master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica.

If you missed the Sept. 26th show with Meredith get all the juicy details about it by clicking PLAY on the Weekly Show – Meredith Spears at the following link: Join us today as we continue to discuss the philosophy that there really is no out there, out there; that what’s in my life and what shows up in my life is a reflection of me; that I have created and create everything that is in my world, 100% responsibility, etc.

Last week, James Gilmore had Julian Nettles-Bey join us and if you missed his information about the LAW which precedes The Law Of Attraction, you’ll want to hear all about APCLEOLOGY and the 11 MASTER SPIRITUAL LAWS that are governing things in the universe.

Julian says: “laws are always provable . . . everything in the universe that is spiritual is always provable. It’s not based on belief. They’re always demonstratable. The 1st law is always THE #1 law in everything – The Law Of The Reason For Being which simply says everything in the universe has a reason for being. If everything in the universe has a reason for being, then everything in your life has a reason for being there.” One of its 4 sub-laws is the Law of Attraction – whatever your reason for being is – you will attract every body and every thing necessary to accomplish your reason for being. Check out the rest of Julian’s comments:

Next week, my special guest is Gary Jones Harris, of Shu-Ha-Ri Legacy – self mastery through (S.E.D.E.) Self Empowerment Divine Endowment which means we can empower ourselves because God has made us able. Gary is a martial artist and author of ‘Harness The Power Within And Without’ and ‘The Awareness Formula’.

Learn more about Gary at, then join Gary and I, Wednesday October 17th, at NOON CST (1pm-EST, 11am-MST, 10am-PST) online at and/or CALL-IN to 646-716-9798.

Llenar (aka Danita)
“We must program the brain to SEE what we insist is not there” Ramtha

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