They’re Baaaaaaaaack!

Mom and Dad are here.  We arrived by van Tuesday evening and it’s been a whirlwind ever since.  I’m having a little down time – getting ready to go to the movies with my bff Jane.

Dad’s been up here already this morning looking for his cane.  He tells me Mom has a new project: to get the refrigerator my brother is putting out and replacing the two mini-fridges they’ve been using.  She’s also decided to get the exhaust for the stove working up here and THEN to complete the projects for the 1st floor!!!  (She hasn’t told me about this yet – I’m waiting.)

Projects for the 1st floor include: removing the siding from one wall in the kitchen, removing the plaster down to the lath, putting up plasterboard, replacing the siding, getting the exhaust working for the new microwave and I think that’s about it.

Friday evening we moved the gas stove to the back porch, turned off the gas feeder to that stove, and arranged for the Salvation Army to pick it up.

Yesterday, Saturday, we moved the electric stove from the 1st floor to the second, moved the electric stove from the van (we brought the stove with us from Arizona in the back of the van – no Uhaul!).

Oh yeah, Mama wanted the refrigerator moved today.  My father told her she was nuts!

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