Southwest AirlinesNO SHOW  Tonight, Wednesday, December 16th
This is just are reminder.  I announced it on the show last week.  I’m enroute to Arizona for the Holidays.
For those of you keeping tabs, this year Mom requested I bring  1). a garden hose, the rosemary bush at the front end of the driveway wasn’t getting enough water.  According to Mom, the maintenance crew isn’t worth a nickel; 2). the large Scrabble “Official Tournament and Club Word List” book  (which was a gift from me last year); 3). two packages of Lemon Jello (according to Mom  Jello is SKY HIGH in Arizona), 4). 2-3 of my canning lids – just the flat part.  Mom bought 3 lbs of jalapenos and ran out of lids, and 5). the two containers of cooked Collard Greens from the freezer.
Did I honor her request?  YOU BET I DID!!!  My brother and I packed everything in their black 21″ expandable carry-on bag which I had borrowed when I made the return trip to Chicago in November.

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I had so much fun last year, let’s do it again.
Christmas Carolers
I’ll post a PDF file of song lyrics during the week.

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New Year'sLast years accomplishments, regrets

New Year’s plans, dreams, wishes

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Until tonight then . . .  have the Very Best MOMENTS YET of Your Eternal Life!


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