Hearing/Listening vs. Reading/Seeing

I listen to Eric Butterworth’s ‘Spiritual Economics’ book-on-tape each time I am in the car. That’s usually a minimum of 4 days per week on my way to and from afterschool tutoring. I’ve decided to get the printed copy for a couple of reasons.

First, the tapes are the abridged version of the book – read ‘cliff notes’. Since a friend of mine picked them up for me, I didn’t think about asking whether it was abridged or not.

Second, I notice because I like to quote things, listening to the tapes or hearing the book doesn’t allow me to quote as well as reading (seeing) the text in a book. Unless I type out what is said verbatim, I don’t get the same visual impact. And I usually have to rewind and listen over and over to get it verbatim.

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