Sunday, October 29th was my birthday, and I have been having a blast!


In honor of my special day, I treated the city of Chicago to a beautiful, warm and sunny day; a Bears win (my dad said it was a slaughter) AND an extra hour to enjoy it all (daylight savings time – fall back)!!!
I was treated to a $75 brunch and show on Sunday.  (THANK YOU Byron.  Thanks also to Sheron Williams and Ameriprise Financial Services for the seat at the table – kinda’ like room at the inn.)  The food at the Opera Restaurant was DELICIOUS.  And I had the great pleasure and privilege to see this year’s production from the Deeply Rooted Dance Theater.  They were even more fabulous than last year.  Their new masterpiece, a ferrotype, weave a story – sort of a “And Now For The Rest Of The Story” tale.  You have to see it, it was phenomenal!!!  And their closing number – Heaven.  Whew!!!


Byron, Gary, Iega and their crew, which now includes Charmaine, did a fantastic job.  They even gave out goodie bags   at the Brunch – I felt I was at an Oprah show!

In addition to those folks, I also ran into a couple of other people from the Summit:    Beryl , Yvette Moyo (Real Men Can Cook)  and Pat Mills-Sullivan  whom I haven’t seen in years. with her friend Nadine Yadi Royster on the left.

Back to Sunday: I received several birthday songs and birthday phone calls.  I was taken to breakfast Monday and presented a 2002 Silver Dollar (worth about $22 in today’s market) and I received mom and dad’s birthday card.  I was treated to breakfast Tuesday morning and presented 2 CDs and some immune system herbs,  AND received a birthday card from my cousin.

Now, this really does have something to do with No Out There and Oneness, here’s how:

When Charmaine returned one of my phone calls the week prior to my birthday, she said, “Danita, I see you’re not on our mailing list.  On Thursday, ‘Deeply Rooted’ starts their Chicago production which ends on Sunday with a brunch and performance. Which one R U coming to?”  I immediately said, ” I’d love to come on Sunday.  Food and a show, that’s my kinda’ celebration.  Sunday’s my birthday.  I’m going to see if one or a group of my friends will gift that to me for my birthday, ’cause Sunday is my birthday.”  I repeated that several times during the course of our phone call. 

I sent an e-mail to several Chicago friends and lo’ and behold, the next day, Charmaine called me and said, “Danita, Byron says, ” Danita wants to come AND it’s her birthday, SURE”.  And he made it happen.  THANK YOU BYRON! And Thank You Charmaine for mentioning it.

So on Sunday I had a mimosa, red wine and 2 tiny creme brulee, along with baked salmon, chicken fried rice, garlic green beans and sesame seed salad.  Later I was seated in seat 111 (a fabulous energy moving number).

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