They’re Here . . .

Mom and Dad are here! They’ve made their annual trek to Chicago to escape (for my mother) the hundred degree plus temperatures of Arizona. They arrived Tuesday (July 17th around 6:30pm CST) in their silver grey van laden with everything out of their refrigerator and a couple of things from their freezer (courtesy of Mom). It took 3 coolers – one metal, one plastic and one a soft tote – and a couple of boxes to hold all the food stuffs.

Then there was also a swivel stool for the kitchen, small throw rug for the bedroom, 2 bookshelves for my brother, assorted clothing and shoes for whomever they will fit (me, my brothers, my girlfriend, my sister-in-law, etc), a hand-broom vacuum cleaner for the hardwood floors (the only room downstairs that doesn’t have hardwood is the bathroom), a suitcase, a couple of plastic bags (supposedly I have all their luggage here!) and several travelbags of clothing for themselves, three 1×2 foot baskets of silk ivy, a large plastic exercise ball (which I refuse to take because I fell over on my head using my godsons),

At one point, I was standing on the porch, Daddy was leaning on the short iron fence that separates the grass from the concrete patio area, looked up at me forlornly, shaking his head and said, “Nina, this is the last trip for me, like this. It’s too tiring. I’m tired Nina.” He looked it. I looked at him and knew it was true and sadly nodded my head. An end of an era. Done. They may fly here, but I’ve got a feeling it may be my Dad’s last drive. He does most of the driving. Mom doesn’t like to drive any longer because of her eyes. Even though she’s had cataract surgery, she’s uncomfrotable with her eyesight. She never did like to drive at night and the surgery didn’t change that. Dad continued, “I did most of the driving. Your mother drove about 1-1/2 to 2 hours a day, if that.”

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