Sunday NOV 11th – Today is My Mother’s 80th Birthday

November 11, 2007 – my mother’s 80 birthday. She received her birthday cards, including the one from the President, which she had received last week!!! She didn’t even mention that last week. I guess she wasn’t impressed.

When we spoke late last night, She also told me they’d received the Anniversary card from the President back in September. I was aghast. She hadn’t talked to me about that either. It was their 59th wedding anniversary. September 11th. Can you imagine having that date commemorate your Wedding day? Who knew?

Here’s a copy of the request I sent to the White House for my parent’s anniversary and mom’s birthday cards:

My parents, Elma and McFarland Sr., will be celebrating their 59th Wedding Anniversary on 9-11-07 My mother will be 80 this November 11th, Veteran’s Day (which she reminds everyone each year that we get a holiday because of her!!!). My father is 83

I am requesting that your office either phone my parents on Tuesday, September 11th in honor of that achievement, send a belated Anniversary wish, or overnight a card to them here in Chicago.

After recently finding out about this opportunity, I finally got to the right place on the .gov website to place the request for an anniversary card and birthday cards today. I read that the request lead-time is 6 weeks and did submit them anyway, however, they may not be alive to receive them next year.

They drive from Arizona each year to visit their only granddaughter in Peoria, IL and spend the summer in Chicago. They’ve been doing this for the past 11 years and this year is the first time I’ve noticed their age and realize they may not be around to celebrate another Wedding Anniversary together.

I know it would mean a lot to them to get an anniversary card from the President of the United States of America . My Dad would really be excited!

In addition to 9-11 marking the anniversary of the Twin Tower attack, for my parents and our family, it is also the anniversary of the day my sister Deborah was cremated in 1996.
I just thought given the tragedies being remembered on that day it would be nice to commemorate an honorable achievement representing family values, commitment and love.

Thank you for whatever you can do on such short notice.

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