Me & My Parents

I was driving home from somewhere, thinking, and suddenly became awash in feelings of love, apprecation, joy and gratitude for my parents. They will be here next week. I am so looking forward to seeing them. I really do love them. I get a kick out of being with them, their antics make me laugh They are so funny to me now. It wasn’t always like that.

Growing up in the Bragg household was turbulent. The Wednesday night fights where I would be in the basement praying for God to intercede. The family brawls. Dad’s alcoholism. Mom not sparing the rod. Being awakened in the middle of the night to cook Mama’s bacon which had to be cooked so that the slices were flat and the fatty edges were browned and not burnt – and this done in a round frying pan, not a flat griddle!!! And the only 2 in the entire house who could do this correctly were my sister and I. We’d each take turns pretending to be asleep so the other would have to go. I would be so angry. One night my anger almost got the kitchen burned down!

Many counselors and mentors over the years tried to get me to divorce them, say good riddance, write them off, etc.. I couldn’t, wouldn’t and didn’t because I KNEW at their core they were and are very loving people and because of what was occuring in their lives had them acting (up and out) the way they were. Honestly, I couldn’t do it not because of them – because of me – bottomline – I loved them – it took me many years to understand and acknowledge that. My one wish, my one desire as a child was that my parents and I would have a loving, caring relationship – at least a loving, caring relationship that worked for me. I am happy to say, I have that. Dreams do come true.

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