Introducing . . .

mama-daddy-57.jpgI’d like you to meet my parents.

They’ll be coming to spend a couple of months. In truth, I expected them tonite. Mama says she told me they were going to spend a 3rd night on the road. I don’t remember. Usually, they spend 3 days and 2 nights. They’ve been driving here for the past 9 years.

They live in Arizona now, 11 years as of March 2007. Daddy is 83. Mama is 79. She’ll be 80 in November. November 11th to be exact.

Mama’s fond of telling us and others what a great magnanimous person she is because her birthday is a NATIONAL HOLIDAY and she gives the country a day off! Daddy, on the other hand, proudly proclaims at odd moments and usually to anyone within earshot, “I’m 83 years old.” He used to say he was living on somebody else’s time. I pointed out that wasn’t possible because they weren’t around so he’s got to be living HIS time.

They are a pair. They’ve been married 58 years. Their anniversary is September 11th. In addition to that date now being remembered as 9/11, it’s also the day my younger and only sister was cremated 12 years ago. Needless to say, Mama doesn’t like to celebrate their anniversary any more.

Since his retirement, Daddy continuously threatens to leave her. She laughs and says he runs away from home. (A few years ago, he was angry with her and left – no bags or anything – and went to his brother’s in California for a week).

Daddy always says he’s gonna cook something and usually doesn’t. When they first began coming, he used to make breakfast – sausage, eggs, grits and toast. (He hasn’t done that so far this visit – it’s still early.)

Mama used to cook 3 full meals a day – vegetable, starch and meat/fish. Now she cooks just one full meal a day.

She’s diabetic, has high blood pressure, valley fever, arthritis, is losing her hearing and is losing or has lost her sense of taste. (She constantly says food doesn’t taste like it used to.) Daddy takes a bunch of pills too. They’re both on a lot of drugs – prescribed – drugs, nonetheless.

He’s had back surgery. He was mending well, had started back exercising, walking, bike riding and swimming. Then last November he fell . He says he still has lower back pain and yet his doctor’s don’t see anything. He’s concerned because it’s been 8 months. Even using his cane and wearing the “girdle”, he walks with a limp. To my eyes, it looks as if his right leg is a bit shorter then his left now.

Mama also takes some vitamins. She heard James Coburn, the actor of “In Like Flint” fame, extolling the virtues of MSM as the only thing that helped his arthritis. So she tried it and has been a convert ever since. She doesn’t continue to take the Zinc I recommended to her for the taste loss though.

Daddy will have nothing to do taking vitamins, however, when he reads something that backs up what I tell him, he’ll call or e-mail me.

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