Danita B is Speakin’ on Sunday – Jan 14th

My friend Reverend Joan Lopez is recuperating from surgery, so I’m filling in this Sunday. I am THRILLED because I get to share what I consider one of the most powerful affirmations I know, which details our connection with the All That Is, how it all works, AND how we get what we get in our lives.

If you’re familiar with ‘Seed Money in Action’ you may have come across the affirmation. It’s called “MY DAILY AFFIRMATION“. My intention is we comb through it and reveal its hidden treasures.

For me this is the alpha and omega of affirmations. It is so meaty. It has EVERYTHING in it. It covers all the spaces.

This is one of the first things that pointed me to NO OUT THERE . . . OUT THERE – that it’s all an INSIDE job – that Nobody’s doin’ it to me!

This opportunity to speak is an expression of My vision fulfilled – that of being a life-long learner, teacher, seminar and workshop leadee and coach!

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