Christmas in Arizona – 2009

So far so good.  Most of the lights, wreaths and other decorations are up.

The weather’s GREAT.  Mom baked the cupcakes and cake loaves before I got here.  Some have even been delivered.  What’s left is to find suitable containers for the loaves and get them wrapped for delivery.

The transmission on their van has been leaking fluid.  So it’s been in and out of the shop.  Daddy took it back in this morning and left it.  That makes the 2nd time it’s been left since I’ve been here.  The other two times he took it and brought it back home.

For some reason, I’ve been sneezing and my nose is running.  That hasn’t happened for several years and initially that was due to Cat Allergy.  (When they first moved here they had a cat named SQUEEKY.  I couldn’t stay at their house when I came to visit.  I stayed with my Aunt who lived about 10 minutes away.  After the cat died, we had to wash down their entire house with Ammonia water and later spray with Febreeze Anti-microbial.)

And since I was creating Holiday Greetings to send out from No Out There, I decided to put something together for them to send to our family .  Here it is.  ENJOY.

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