Let’s Talk About LOVE! – Part IV with Melvin and Sherrie Allen

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Melvin and Sherrie Allen, Relationship Experts and Facilitators will be my co-hosts for the finale:  LET’S TALK ABOUT LOVE! – Part IV  and they have SOMETHING SPECIAL for NO OUT THERE Listeners –> HERE!
I’ve known Sherrie and Melvin since BEFORE they became a couple.  They’ve been guests on numerous radio and television programs, including the award winning show “Starting Over” on NBC, and host a local cable show called “Relationships 911,” in Los Angeles, CA.
Melvin and Sherrie have been married 10 years, no children, two grandchildren and multiple marriages.  They are both enrolled and obtaining Ph.D.’s in Depth Psychology, the study of the soul and unconsciousness, from Pacifica Graduate Institute. In addition, they have master’s degrees in Spiritual Psychology and training in Soul-Centered Education from the University of Santa Monica.
As a couple they have over 35 years of ontological studies (what it means to be human).  As students and graduates of Relationship Coaching Institute, they have coached therapists, ministers, and coaches from around the world on relationship skills.  They have facilitated hundreds of seminars, events and courses for singles and couples around the country.

Melvin and Sherrie are among the few relationship coaches in the world, trained by Dr. David Olson, world-renowned creator of Prepare/Enrich, to administer a relationship assessment program for premarital, and married couples.  In addition, Melvin has studied under Dr.’s Helen and Harville Hendrix, learning the Imago Dialogue process, which they offer  and use in their couples program. 
For the last five years, Melvin and Sherrie have volunteered twice a year to work with female inmates at the Valley State Women’s Prison in Chowchilla, CA with the “Freedom to Choose” workshop sponsored by the University of Santa Monica.  They also serve as a couple in the Trinity Care Hospice Program.
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